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Why Employing South Africans Makes Good Business Sense

South Africans are known for their strong work ethic and excellent experience in a very challenging environment. Philip Park, MD of Professional Career Services (PCS), says South Africans are well regarded in the international job market due to a strong work ethic and corporate standards that are the envy of the rest of Africa. “South Africans are also used to African conditions, hence they find little trouble adapting to the conditions in other African countries.”

According to New World Migration: “With growing local difficulties and fewer opportunities it is not only university graduates that are pulling up roots and moving overseas but also those with young families. Interest in emigrating to countries like Australia and Canada has never been higher and Saffa’s, as South Africans are affectionately known overseas, are very sought after for their skill level, hard-working attitude and typical loyalty to their employer.”

But many South Africans are choosing remote work above emigration. Unfortunately, the availability of remote skills is driven to some extent by the large unemployment levels in the South African market. Sadly, young professionals quote the lack of good jobs, and that they are unlikely to find employment in South Africa at all, for looking to working remotely for international companies.

The upshot of this is that international companies are able to draw on a pool of excellent employees, particularly in the finance, engineering, administrative, information technology, and health professions at very competitive pricing. Outprof is helping overseas companies tap into this valuable source of skills by offering Employer-of-Record services that ensure seamless and compliant onboarding of workers. For more information on how you can benefit from this service, drop them an email at

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