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Reduce EOR Risk: Local may be Better

When choosing an Employer of Record service provider, going with a local, in-country supplier is often the best option:

1. Greater Protection: a local operator is more likely able to offer you the levels of compliance you need because they have greater insight and experience with the local accounting, labour and taxation laws.

2. Sharper Focus: as niche operator they are better able to understand your needs in the context of that country's environment because they have deeper domain knowledge and expertise in their country of specialisation.

3. Improved Prioritisation: niche EOR providers tend to prioritise your needs better as they are not distracted by a multitude of technologies and clients in different areas of speciality.

4. Higher Levels of Trust: Specialist or niche providers tend to be the market leaders in their areas of speciality, something that breeds confidence and trust in the relationship.

5. Lower Cost, Better Service: because in-country specialists know their way around the local terrain better than international operators, they know where to look and what to do when circumstances dictate fast and efficient responses.

It is for this reason that international EOR providers choose OUTprof to manage their South African entities and payroll operations.

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