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People Resourcing for the New World of Work Simple * Compliant * Affordable

Innovate solutions for the new world of work

Simple * Compliant * Affordable

Benefit from the strength of our network of domain expertise and experienced professionals to provide your business with tailor-made people resourcing solutions, and outsourced support services based on your specific needs, ensuring simplicity and pragmatism, while savings costs and being fully compliant.

People Solutions for The New World of Work

New Ways of Working

What's changed?

As the Millennial Generation starts to dominate workplaces, they bring with them fresh ideas and attitudes. Enabled by rapidly advancing technologies, they are changing the way we work.

New ways of working

Independent Contracting: professionals in particular prefer the freedom, variety and  independence they get as independent contractors or freelancers.

Remote Working

Technology Advancement

Global Village

War on Talent:

requires employers to dip into international pools for scare resources.

New Behaviours
New Thinking

Collaborative Working

professionals  benefit from a networked approach to sourcing new opportunities and sharing of resources to save costs.

Work from Anywhere: technology now makes it possible for companies to tap into resources that can work from international locations.

Why Work Differently

There are many benefits to outsourcing for the new world of work

Why us

Why Work with Us

How we are different

Working remotely saves time and money
our services are owner managed
experienced associates deliver the results
Fully accredited professionals
our resources are fully networked


we don't carry the burden of heavy office infrastructure and pass these savings onto our clients.

Owner Driven:

all our client facing people are professionals who choose not to be employed and to manage their own projects personally.


all our associates have run their own businesses and have spent time in the corporate environment - they have personal experience of how to run successful operations


our associates all hold the releavnt qualifications and accreditations for their professions


we draw our strength from our access to a wide network of subject-matter experts giving our clients access to the best domain expertise.

Why Saffas

"Talent management has become the single most important function in the modern organisation. As the nature of work changes, the skills we need and the ways we develop and retain talent must evolve."
Peter Capelli, Director of the Center for Human Resources at the Wharton School

Why Work With South Africans

South Africa provides the World with unique features and special talents

South Africans are known for their high work ethic and global compatibility

Cultural Affinity: 

we align well with most English-speaking cultures across the globe.


we are well known for our excellent work-ethic and ingenuity.

Labour Arbitrage:

world-class skills and expertise at the fraction of the price you pay elsewhere.

Time Zone Friendly:

European clients enjoy working with us during their office-hours

Make a Difference:

employing South Africans makes a massive difference to their well-being.


our technology and communications capability is highly competitive.

Our Testimonials Do the Talking

South Africa is an ideal starting point to explore African opportunities. It is a major transport hub, has abundant potential business partners with experience in the region, a well-developed banking sector, strong regulatory and legal frameworks, independent judiciary, high internet penetration and strong protection of social values and human rights (incl. women’s and LGBTIQ+ rights).

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Netherlands

Looking for growth opportunities? – Search no further. The African continent is on the cusp of transformative growth, with blossoming entrepreneurship and plenty of opportunities for smart and simple business solutions. Africa is a 1.2bn-person market, a number expected to double over the next 30 years. The continent has been gradually transformed in the past 20 years, and if you haven’t noticed you are not alone.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Strong operational and service capabilities in the sector are among the reasons that service exports have been identified as an inclusive growth sector in McKinsey’s “South Africa Big Five” report.


 Amazon announced in June that it would be hiring 3,000 people in South Africa this year to support customers in North America and Europe.

McKinsey & Company

Danes support SA outsourcing
Reference from Netherlands
McKinseys promotes SA outsourcing
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